Welcome to Not Ur Average Guy

This site is dedicated to my personal take on current real world news and events, prepping and survivalist stuff, and more...

Why Am I Not So Average?

A Little Bit About Me

I'm a 36-year-old American, of Puerto Rican & Cuban decent, that grew up in Brooklyn, NY. I got into some trouble as a youth and ended up going to military school where I graduated from high school and went to Seton Hall University. I work in NYC as a business compliance specialist helping minority owned businesses supply fortune 1000 with their products and services. Before that, I used to publish an automotive magazine and an e-cigarette magazine as kind of a hobby business. I have also been a volunteer firefighter for almost 12 years. Once in a while, I think about how wealthy I'd be today if I was a comedian.

I have been married to the same amazing woman for 15 years (this year) and have three wonderful children. We have two dogs and a dozen chickens in the suburbs of Long Island where we live, but we want to buy a farm and live in Pennsylvania.

I seem like a pretty average guy, right? Well... I'm also a moderate Republican so I don't make friends very easily in NYC. I'm a huge 2nd Amendment advocate, I don't believe in open borders, I am pro-capital punishment, I am fiscally conservative, I believe in school choice, I think welfare should be capped at a limit, and I believe eminent domain is theft. I believe in Affirmative Action, but in a different way where everyone has the same opportunity at the start, but will make of it what they put into it.

That all being said, I'm also pro-choice, I support same-sex marriage, I like the idea of renewable energy, and please leave social security alone so hopefully when I become an old man, I won't have to become a stripper.

I'd say I'm more of a Constitutionalist, but I'm not a Libertarian... they're half crazy (LOL)... 

I think Socialism and Communism are evil and the true form of Fascism. Liberalism is just their retarded little brother. Conversations at bars, in any big city, always end up with people calling me a bunch of things I am not and I'm sure after I start posting my vlogs on STEEMIT.com and YouTube, some people may label me online, too. The cool thing is that I haven't cared before, don't care now, and probably won't care in the future. I'm probably not going to talk about most of the things I just mentioned anyway... So, what will come out from - Not Ur Average Guy?

I'm a prepper and a survivalist and I believe everyone should learn to become self reliant. Everyone should have food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine, knowledge, and a way to defend yourself. I think this nation is going to see some very tough times very soon and the best we can be is prepared. As "Not Ur Average Guy", I hope to share my experiences, thoughts, reviews, humor, and other things I find appropriate and inappropriate. And by the way, I didn't spell "your" wrong on purpose like a dumb ass... STEEMIT made me shorten my username, and it worked out well because I wasnt going to pay $2K for the correctly spelled web address.

Disclosure... I Have No Filter

This web page is probably as clean as you'll see me speak. Truth is I use profanity excessively and when you watch a couple of my video's you'll see how colorfully I speak in my native language. You may smile, you may frown, you may laugh, you may get mad, you may love me, or you may hate me... But I'm going to say what I want, when I want, wherever I want, and however I want. I didn't say I'd make you cry because I don't intend to... But if you must, then cry me a river because I like the water.

So What's Next?

I've never used this web design program from GoDaddy so it's going to take me a little time to figure out how to tailor it to my liking. But in the meantime, follow me on STEEMIT.com/@noturaverageguy and I'll be working on getting my YouTube and other Social Media sites up and going.